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19-Year-Old Banned From College Library For Making Naughty Video

As a 19-year-old Freshman at Oregon State University, Kendra Sunderland spent a lot of time in the library.  What could be wrong with that? Sunderland told INSIDE EDITION, “You know, I’m known as the library girl.” But Kendra is getting attention across the nation for all the wrong reasons. So, what did Kendra do? She made a very, very naughty...


Shreya Ghoshal Attended An Event In A Shocking See-Through Dress Which Took Social Media By Storm

Wardrobe malfunction has always been a trend among celebrities, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean it all remains limited to onscreen celebs. Bollywood’s one of the most famous and talented playback singers, Shreya Ghoshal was seen in a controversial see-through dress a few years back in an event. Although it wasn’t the first time when Shreya came out...

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14 Most Painful Medieval Torture Techniques Ever

The medieval era followed its unusual way to punish the person who offended any crime in those days. These methods were damn scary that took away the lives of people brutally. Many unfortunate people went through these disgusting torturous devices that killed them viciously. May their soul rest in peace. I want to show you some of the pictures of that time which will astonish...