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Maruti Suzuki Ignis waiting period rises; Diesel hit harder

New Delhi: Since its bookings commenced on the second of this month, the Maruti Suzuki Ignis has seen a sharp surge in its list of interested buyers. The response can be gauged from the constantly lengthening waiting periods, ranging from 8-10 weeks for the petrol and 10-12 weeks for the diesel, depending on the city you opt for. We called...


Meteor Shower 2017: See The Live Coverage Video Here!

The universe is endless and so is massive. And if you are a space zealot, then 2017 being only a couple of days old is ready to display one hell of a show for you. This week we have a chance to see a rare comet… actually not just a comet, but also a Quadrantid meteor shower. Recommended for you:...


Scientists Develop A USB Drive That Detects HIV In Human Blood….

The scientists at the Imperial College London and DNA Electronics have created a scientific USB Flash Drive that can be connected to the computer to find out the HIV test results. Scientists are still working to locate the cure for this incurable disease, but any step towards finding something helpful about HIV feels like achieving the milestone, and they’ve certainly...