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Gigantic tarantula spotted devouring a snake for the first time in the wild!

New Delhi: Everyone has seen spiders spinning a web, trapping their preys – normally consisting of insects, small and big, and other bugs. But foot-long snakes? Never! Imagine the surprise a team of scientists in southern Brazil experienced, after a search for tarantulas in a forest turned up something completely unexpected. During their search, the scientists turned over a rock...


Giant Redback Spider Catches A Snake… The End Is Horrible (Video)

We really don’t get to (nor we want to) see spiders and snakes fighting in our garages or basements, but that is not a choice if you live in Australia. The son of a West Australian woman Jamii-Leigh Marwick found a spider attacking a brown snake in their shade and for sure decided to film it. The video will give...


Snakes Who Were Killed By Their Own Food

Snakes are one of the most dangerous predators in the world and it can be quite an ugly sight when you witness a snake attack. But you know what’s worse It’s when a snake cannot digest the food that it chooses. Yup, even snakes have digestion problems and sometimes the repercussions aren’t a pleasant sight. Take a look at these...