5 Awful Hygiene Mistakes Most Women Make Everyday…

It’s true that women are under great pressure when it comes to looking good. Whether it’s for themselves, men or other women, they just want to look and feel their best.

That’s why they use lots of various skincare and makeup products without realizing that some of them, if not handled properly, can cause bad skin reactions, infections and a whole bunch of other problems.

When it comes to using different products we should always remember about hygiene because in order to look, feel and smell good one must be clean and healthy. The rest will follow! Here are 10 mistakes women should avoid at all costs.

Sleeping with makeup on

Sharing makeup

It’s true that quality makeup is pricey, so most girls will have the urge to share lipsticks and eyeliners with their best friends. There’s no harm in trying your bff’s lipstick, right?

But that’s where we are all wrong. You never know what type of bacteria is hiding inside another person’s makeup. Even your friend might not know about it!

You don’t want to get some nasty eye infection just because you wanted to try your friend’s cool new mascara so badly.

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