8 Best Sex Positions For Men With Small Manhood

It’s fine if you aren’t as endowed as most of the other people are. Just because you fall a little short doesn’t mean that you’re going to be all alone forever. You can still manage to get the job done, with no compromise on the satisfaction quotient. You just need to be familiar with the tricks of the trade to be able to pull it off.

Sex positions have a lot to do with the amount of pleasure the act generates. And when it comes to a short manhood, these positions become more so important, as the right position can up your game by a huge margin. But what are the recommended positions? Well, find out below.

1. Doggy Style

Ever since ancient times, this has been the go-to style for maximum pleasure. It’s worked on several people in the past, and it will work for you too!

2. The Hound

A variation of the popular Doggy Style, the Hound requires the woman to get down on all four and lower her forearms. Bending the back into an arc does have its advantages as well.

3. Reverse Cowgirl 

The idea of the position can be understood quite intuitively, from the nature of the name itself actually! The reverse cowgirl, though, requires the female to be doing all the action!

4. X-Rated

Much like the famous 69 position, this position is a great way to attain better penetration.

5. The Nirvana


6. The Slide

As the name says, it requires a lot of sliding! The female lies on top of the male and slides over him back and forth.

7. The Splitting Bamboo


This one requires you to be flexible, you know, like a bamboo! And the man is required to do the actions in this one.

8. The Eagle

Last, but not the least, the Eagle position gives the man a strategic advantage, and so, the position is a boon for men with a small manhood.

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